?> Tinker Studio - Product development & user experience design strategy for mobile, social & emerging technologies
Tinker Studio helps make products people love.
Think. Synthesize business problems, available technology & a genuine understanding of user needs into a clearly articulated creative approach.
Design. Whether it's a whiteboard, a sketch, or a wireframe, the goal is to explore many different ways to to approach a problem before settling on a solution.
Make. The sooner you can get something (sketch, design, prototype, working application) in front of users, the sooner you'll know how to make it better.
Repeat. I'm a firm believer that the first answer is never the best; it's paramount to approach every stage of each endeavor as an iterative process.
* Every challenge is different. While there's a lot I can do, it's wise to call in experts in some fields. My 12+ years with NYC start-ups and agencies has given me a network of superstar creative professionals that can tackle any project. Seriously, they're like the A-team.

Like many today, though I grew up in an analog era, my entire professional life has been spent thinking about, designing and building digital products. Entire industries are being redesigned on the fly -- whether they like it or not. As a designer who can help define and shape these massive changes, I'm incredibly grateful. This is exactly why I do what I do and couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Since 1998, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of products and platforms in vastly different creative environments - from co-founding my own startup, dodgeball.com (sold to Google in 2005) to leading a team of 14 amazing designers at a large digital agency. I've worked closely with a variety of startups and clients including Target, foursquare, Panasonic, HBO, Nokia, freshdirect, Vevo, Verizon Wireless and CBS. These vastly different experiences have shaped my view of what Tinker can be:

  • I strongly believe that the energy and necessary efficiency that drives startups can help evolve the creative consulting model to be what it needs to be going forward.
  • I partner with companies large and small to drive experience vision and product development in a way that takes advantage of the technology available to us today and accounts for a new generation of people that are inherently mobile and social.

This approach to creative product development is the spirit that drives Tinker Studio.

If all this jives with how you see the world, and you'd like to work together, get in touch at hello@tinkerstudio.com.

Tinker is led by alex rainert, who's happily based in Brooklyn, NY.

I regularly write about innovation in design at everydayux.com (grab the feed). Check out some of the recent posts below on the left. More frequently you can find me on Twitter (follow @arainert). It's the best way to get a good sense of how I see design and the role it plays in today's world of product development.

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